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The Elderly and Hunger in Arkansas

The Trumann Food Pantry realizes that Senior Citizens in our community are
Sometimes faced with choosing between medication or food due to financial
issues. If you are a senior citizen household, residing in our service area, and 
Experiencing a lack of nutritional food, we would like to hear from you. If you 
are currently receiving an emergency food box from us on a monthly basis
This notice will not apply to you. We are open from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, 
Tuesday and Friday. We require that you bring your driver’s license or State ID
Card and a current utility bill or rent receipt with you. If you are unable to come 
to the pantry and need supplemental food please call us at: 870-483-1118.

Our Home Health Aide Delivery Program

If you have a home health aide who comes into your home to assist with personal care, cooking, cleaning, etc. Your home health aide may be able to come to the Trumann Food Pantry and pick up a food box for you if you are in the need of emergency food.
Please call the Trumann Food Pantry to set up an appointment for a volunteer to visit with you and help you fill out and sign the necessary paperwork that gives your home health aide permission to pick up your food box and deliver it to you. Please call the Trumann Food Pantry at (870) 483-1118 or call (870) 273-6048.
These food boxes contain donated food packed by volunteers. The home health aides, who deliver these food boxes, are volunteering their personal time to deliver these boxes. None of these boxes are purchased; they are built and delivered by people caring for people in their own community here in Trumann, Arkansas.

Guidelines for Our Homebound Delivery Program
  • The Trumann Food Pantry provides a limited homebound delivery service. The service is available for persons who are elderly or disabled and must meet the guidelines established by the pantry in order to qualify. Person must be homebound because of a medical condition that prevents them from leaving their home except for doctors’ visits. Conditions may include being on oxygen without access to portable oxygen, fall risk, or bed fast.

  •  Homebound (not able to go to church, grocery store, going out to eat, etc.)                               

  • Do not have a relative or friend who will pick up for them on Pantry days. If the homebound person has persons that are 65 years old or older or persons over the age of 18 years in their household, their case will be decided on a case by case basis.

  • Persons must state that they need emergency food to qualify for consideration.

  • Persons must have a physical residence within the 72472 zip code area.

  • If you meet the criteria and need emergency food then please call the Trumann Food Pantry at 870-483-1118. You may also call 870-273-6048.

For More Information Call Us or Fill out Our Contact Form
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